The Twelve Bens , or Twelve Pins (Irish: Na Beanna beola ), is a mountain range of sharp peaked quartzite areas located northeast of Roundstone in Connemara in the west of Ireland .Dedikerad fell runners attempt to hike all twelve peaks in a single day. Topographically this area cooperates with Maumturks range on the other side of the single Glen Inagh (road and Western Way long distance path). Frequent rainfall and steep-sided mountain produces an abundance of small rivulets and streams that descend in wide bottom Dalarna below the Twelve Pins to join larger streams with riffles and pools. The highest point in the Twelve Bens is Benbaun at 729 meters (2,392 ft). They provide excellent hiking and climbing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

highest score

The following table shows the 12 highest major mountain peaks of the Twelve Bens mountains, each with a topographic height of at least 516 meters (1,693 ft). There are a number of mountains higher than Benglenisky, but has not sufficiently prominent to be included in this list.

Rang mountain top Elevation english names
1 Binn Bhan 729 m (2,392 ft) Benbaun
2 Sentencing rest 711 m (2,333 ft) Bencorr
3 Black sentenced 696 m (2,283 ft) Bencollaghduff
4 sentenced Broom 691 m (2.267 ft) Benbreen
5 Clare sentenced Derry 677 m (2,221 ft) Derryclare
6 Sentencing will be 664 m (2,178 ft) Bengower
7 Meacanach 654 m (2,146 ft) Muckanaght
8 Binn Fraoigh 638 m (2.093 ft) Benfree
9 en Woman 632 m (2,073 ft) Bencullagh
10 Mosaic sentenced 582 m (1,909 ft) Benbrack
11 Binn Rixy 577 m (1,893 ft) Benrix
12 Glean sweet Water 516 m (1,693 ft) Benglenisky

further reading

  • The Mountains of Connemara : a hill Walker’s Guide” (ISBN 0-9504002-4-6) contains a more useful 1: 50,000 map than OS maps 37 , 38, 44th