The National Library of Ireland (Irish: Leabharlann Náisiúnta na hÉireann ) is Ireland’s national library is located in Dublin, in a building designed by Thomas Newenham Deane. DenMinister of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is a member of the Irish Government is responsible for the library.

The mission of the National Library of Ireland is “to collect, preserve, promote and make accessible the documentary and intellectual record of the life of Ireland and to contribute to the provision of access to the larger universe of recorded knowledge”

The library is a reference library, and as such, are not suitable. It has a great variety of Irish and Irish-related material that can be consulted free of charge; This includes books, maps, manuscripts, music, newspapers, magazines and photographs. Included in their collections are materials issued by both private and state publishers.

The Chief Herald of Ireland and national photo archives are linked to the library. The library exhibits and keeps an archive of Irish newspapers. It is also the ISSN National Centre for Ireland. The library also offers a range of other services, including family history.

Main Library building is on Kildare Street, adjacent to Leinster House and the archeology section of the National Museum of Ireland.


National Library of Ireland was established by the Dublin Science and Art Museum Act, 1877, which provided the bulk of the collections in the possession of the Royal Dublin Society, should rest on the then Department of science and art for the benefit of the public and society, and in the context of Act.

An agreement of 1881 provided that the library should work under the supervision of the Council of twelve Trustees, of which eight are appointed by the society and four by the government; this agreement is also given on the Trustees’ obligation to appoint the officers of the library. This arrangement remains in place until the library became an independent cultural institution in 2005.

After the founding of the Irish Free State in 1924/5 library was transferred to the Department of Education under which it remained until 1986 when it was transferred to the Department of An Taoiseach.1927 library granted duty status under the Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927. In 1992, the library is transferred to the newly formed Department of Arts, culture and the Gaeltacht (now Arts, sport and tourism) and three May 2005. it an independent cultural institution for national cultural institutions Act, 1997.


National Library of Ireland holds collections of archival documents, including personal notes and workbooks, the following prominent author:

  • Roddy Doyle [1]
  • Seamus Heaney [1]
  • Michael D. Higgins [1]
  • James Joyce [1]
  • Colm Tóibín [1]
  • William Butler Yeats [1]

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