St Mary’s is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ossory.It is located on James Street, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Saint Marys designades av William Deane Butler (c.1794-1857). Han valdes av biskop William Kinsella (1793-1845) som anstiftade byggandet av St Marys i februari 1842. Arbetet började i April 1843 och avslutades i 1857. På söndag 4 oktober 1857, Maria hade sin grand opening, som bestod av en två-och-trekvarts timme ceremoni som började vid 06:15.Kostnaden för byggnaden beräknas ha varit £ 25.000.

St Marys is made of cut limestone and locally. The cathedral has a cruciform plan, and its style is described as “Early English Gothic.” [1] The design is thought to have been based at Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucester, England.It is located on the highest point in Kilkenny City and is a significant local landmark.

The cathedral is variously called “St. Mary”, “Church of St. Kieran,” and “Cathedral of the Assumption”.

St. Mary’s has a famous sculpture of the Madonna by Giovanni Maria Benzoni (1809-1873).

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