Feeling a little lost on this winding path called life? Need to discover your ultimate goal and feel at peace with yourself? Perhaps you should venture into County Wicklow, Ireland, and look at a statue of a man howling with agony as he cuts his head in two.

The Split Man is one of the sculptures of  Victoria’s Way , a garden built to inspire self-reflection. Creator Victor Langheld established the park in 1989 after traveling to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. He describes it on his  website:

The Victoria Way was conceived as a contemplative space used by individuals (ie, single people) between the ages of 28 and 60 who feel the need to assess the quality and direction of their lives. It is a sort of pilgrimage of self-re-evaluation and self-reorientation.

The process of rebirth begins at the door – to enter the park, you walk through a large black granite dentist vagina guarded by a stone snake. Then, it is time to confront the seven sculptures of the forest that will bring you from pain and confusion to self-actualization