Castle Durrow is a 18th century house in Durrow, Ireland. The house was built in the pre-Palladian design and formal gardens that were popular in the 18th century and is considered one of the finest country houses in Laois. [Citation needed ]


The house was built between 1712-1716 by Colonel William Flower (lfrom 1733 Baron Castle Durrow) as a family home. In 1751 William’s son Henry was first created Viscount Ashbrook, even in the Irish peerage and the title is still preserved, kept by his direct heir, Michael flower, eleventh Viscount Ashbrook (b. 1935).

Flower family retained ownership of the estate until 1922, when they were forced to sell up and return to England. It was purchased by a Mr. Maher Freshford, Co. Kilkenny primarily interested in the farm’s timber volume.Eventually took the Land Commission over the field portion of the property and the Forestry Department took over the woodland.

After standing empty for some years the house was transformed in 1929 to a school (St. Fintan college and monastery) and in 1998 was bought by Peter and Shelly Stokes, and rebuilt as luxury Castle Hotel.

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