The Forest Sculptures of Victoria’s Way


7 forest sculptures Victoria’s Way (Sanskrit: Jina marga, meaning the Way to Liberation moksha (or mukti), achieved by the Buddha @ samyak-sambodhi)) represent the stages, indeed a cross’roads or impasses on the journey to the full realization of one’s true self (read: atta or atma). The individual who responds naturally and spontaneously to the world, i.e. who lives an authentic life, completes the journey easily, achieves fulfilment and is rewarded with joy. However, the ‘cultured’ or over-regulated individual, the one who has lost the capacity to act and respond spontaneously, encounters many obstacles, consequently fails to attain and becomes distressed.


The 7 phases or stages, here representing Siddartha’s (prototypical) transition from un-freedom and distress to liberation and bliss highlight the struggle of every person towards attaining the experience of true being.



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Birth of Consciousness
The Beginner's Mind        The Great Goddess, Durga
Separating into 'self' and 'other' to prepare differencial contact, realness and consciousness        The Split Man
The dysfunctional human who can't get it together, therefore make whole contact
The unspiritual being        The Saklyamuni suppressing the desire for life
The ematiated bodhisattva Gautama

    Awakening                  Separation                   Split Man                  Condensation

          Bodhi                             Relativization                           Dukkha                               Muni


Create or die, the Divine order
Differential touch gives life (animates), hence is spiritual                    Desire (indeed heat) extinguisehed
Mr Cool, the Nirvana Man              Death of the Ferryman
Decay, disconnection
Loss of spiritual ability because of loss of the 'touch' that animates

                         Create or die                    Released                     The Ferryman’s End           

                     Linga/atma                                   Nirvana                                 Parinirvana                                




     Eva, Eva, Ava
Chavvah, 'The mother of all living'  Lord Shiva

                  Spiritual Wisdom                                 Seat Eve                         Lord Shiva


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