Indian Sculpture Park


At Victoria’s Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, Ireland






Every day until September 20th 


              Fasting Buddha                                              Daily 12.30 to 18.00hrs


The Sakyamuni practicing austerity
alias, the 'Fasting Buddha'        




Bring warm clothes

And watertight shoes,

and a brolly!



It takes about one hour

to get around











Buddhist Stupas

(i.e. burial mounds)
























Studying Visual Basic






Indian Sculpture Park & Gardens
Victor's Way, Roundwood























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The Indian Sculpture Park covers about 22 acres of open country and forest. At present there are 33 black granite stone sculptures and 3 bronzes on view, ranging in size from 5ft 6 ins to about 15ft.



Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva, the Great Destroyer



Contemplating the bail-out




My Latest Book


 ‘How to make and fake happiness’


By Victor Langheld



This book is a completely new and, possibly, somewhat uncomfortable approach to understanding the basic biology of the all too human experiences of elation and depression



Try something new !?!


Forest Bathing

in Roundwood


Recliner full